Monday, March 30, 2009

NARS Swatches

without flash... with flash...

Stephanie requested a swatch of NARS Sex Machine Matte lip pencil and I also decided to swatch Pillow talk l/g. I love these two lip products, they are really good! Let me know if you have any questions!

Spell cosmetics mini haul

I ordered from and their customer service is amazing!! First, they gave me a raincheck, then bc they were behind a day or two on shipping, they gave me a full size blush. I am so happy with my order and here are some swatches of the e/s. Check out their website, I can't wait to use these e/s!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Drugstore Mini Haul

I went to my local H-E-B (grocery store) and they had a sale on Maybelline ExpertWear E/S and I got 3 of them....

Champagne Fizz (matte finish)

Silken Taupe (High pearl finish)

Night Sky (shimmer finish)

They normall cost $2.99 but with an in-store coupon of $2.00 off it came out to $.99 each. WOW!!! and they are pigmented and work well. so I saved a total of $6.00. I think I am going back to go get some more. Let me know if you want any swatches or reviews. Click on pic to enlarge.



Sephora Hual

I ordered from and I'm excited about the NARS love set because It comes with...

NARS orgasam blush

NARS Sex machine velvet matte lip pencil

NARS pillow talk l/g

normally it would cost $73 but I got it for $49...yay for sale!

Then I got waterproof kohl e/l in black, jumbo e/l in white, urban decay primer potion, sephora glitter lipstick (#71) and they gave me the happy birthday mini l/g set for free bc of my bday! yay for presents!

Plus i got free samples which are awesome! If you want swatches or reviews please let me know! Click pic to enlarge


Cherry culture Haul

I am so excited about this haul because I was able to get alot of the NYX stuff I wanted from cherry culture, most of it was on sale so I save so much money. I got the Amuse baby pink L/G free with my order. check out for nyx products at great prices plus I got free shipping! who can pass that up? If you want to see swatches or want a review on a certain item just let me know. Click the pic to enlarge.

Stars Makeup Haven

I have been wanting these palettes for a long time now but CS was always out of stock. I found a website who has the exact same product for a couple of bucks less and less shipping too. Check out for more info. I am happy with my purchase and honestly with alot of bad customer service stories from cs I'm glad I choose an alternative. The colors are pigmented and beautiful. None of the items broke or cracked during transit which is a huge plus in my book.