Friday, May 22, 2009

Disappointing Haul from B-Lush...

I bought these two color wheels from a cosmetic company online and I just have to say I am very disappointed in the customer service from them...the eyeshadows are very pigmented and I do like the eyeshadows but because of the customer service I will never order from them again! The reason I am not happy is because I never got a shipment confirmation or a tracking number and I emailed the owner and she told me that orders where behind for whatever reason and said I would receive a shipping confirmation in a couple of days and I never received any emails after about 2 weeks I emailed her again and said that this was very unprofessional and not good business. I never got a reply but just a couple of days ago I finally received it in the mail...after like a MONTH!!! I placed the order around April 22 and recieved it this week on May 21st!!! I was not going to blast this cosmetic line but I feel like people should know, so it won't happen to them too! here is the website

I found another cosmetic line that sells these the exact same I think I will order from them for my next purchase even though the price is a little higher! but it is soo worth it to get it faster and good customer service ....

so if you have any questions please feel free to comment below.

NOTICE: These are my opinions/experiences!!

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  1. I've seen this company/person bad-mouthing other companies on YT...yuck!

    I may have to try B-slap, thanks! =-)