Sunday, December 13, 2009

Updates about Cosmo School

80's Inspired Makeup
50's Inspired Hair & Makeup

Dramatic Makeup Contest

Halloween Contest (1st Place)

Hawaiin Warrior Contest

Doll Contest

Doll Contest

I have to say first of all, sorry for not updating. My life has been soo crazy since the summer. The primary reason is because of school, I love it but it has taken most of my time. That's ok because I know one day it would be all worth it. I am halfway to finishing the cosmetology program at my school, I am super excited!! I love it so much and I just wished I hadn't waited so long to finally make my passion a career. Ok so we have done some awesome contests over the past few months and I have won some or come close but to say the least I have participated and I feel confident with makeup and hair. Here are some pictures...hope u enjoy!!

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