Monday, December 29, 2008

Coastal Scents, continued

OMG! I just checked the mail and I already received my coastal scents order! I just ordered it this weekend and It already arrived today! Wow. lightning fast shipping! I think I will order more often now.

It was packaged securely in this bubble wrap envelope...The products were then wrapped in super-cute star tissue paper...When that was opened it came with a sample of pigmented eye shadow, the gel liner was in a box and then in another cute drawstring bag(it only cost $6.95), and then the angled brush ($1.79) was also in a plastic wrapping.

This is the gel liner, it is super smooth and I already put some on. It is a bright pink and looks awesome on my eyes. I will probably take some pictures of it later.

Wow. I just can't believe they ship that fast. You should really try it. I will def. order more stuff from them. Oh and it is really inexpensive!!! That helps too. Here is the link

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