Tuesday, December 30, 2008

E.L.F. Brushes Mini Haul

I have been using the eyeshadow brush from Eyes Lips Face (ELF) because one of my friends suggested it and told me about their website and almost everything is $1.00!!! They have been pretty good so I decided to order more from the website and here is what I bought. I got 2 total face brushes, 1 bronzing and blending brush, 2 more eyeshadow brushes, 1 defining eye brush and an eyelash curler. The total face brush feels smooth but not as smooth as other high-end quality brushes out there. The eyeshadow brushes have been working out pretty good for me, and the defining eyeshadow brush looks like it would work great as a brow bone brush to apply highlighting eyeshadows. You can order these brushes at www.eyeslipsface.com and like I said almost everything is $1.00 and they have other mineral makeup for $3.00. The only thing is that they take awhile to ship standard and it does take awhile. oh well! I am actually ordering more today because they have a promo for 2009 and they are giving away they're Champagne nail polish for free with any order, just enter code "2009" at checkout. I ordered about $40.00 worth right now to try out some of their other products. I will take some more pics when they come in. I can't wait. I am so excited!!I took another pic of the eyelash curler because it got cut off on the picture above. oops!


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